HireVue's 10 Best Recruiting Articles of 2017

December 21st, 2017

Jon-Mark Sabel

Recruiting Teams


What were the most talked-about topics in recruiting in 2017?

Employer branding was a big one. Artificial intelligence (AI) was huge. Unconscious bias - and the negative impact it has on building inclusive workplaces - is finally getting the mainstream attention it deserves. And the HRTech Conference drew a record 5,500+ attendees. 

Here’s how we (and contributors from the likes of Dr Pepper, CDW, and Sabre) tackled the biggest recruiting topics of 2017:

1) CDW Gets IT with Realistic Job Previews

Employer and job seekers both agree: realistic job previews, created by existing employees, make for the most compelling content for candidates. That’s why CDW encourages every class of interns to film their own realistic job previews for the next year’s applicants. In this post, they outline how they do it - and how you can do the same in your organization.

2) Dr Pepper’s Refreshing New Hiring Strategy

Dr Pepper’s in-house recruiting team holds competitions to see who can make the quickest, high-quality hires. In this post, they share the hiring strategy that cut their time to hire from 21 days to 7. Their current record is a 5 hour time to offer! This is a must-read for any organization recruiting hourly roles.

3) AI in Recruiting: What it Means for Talent Acquisition

Artificial intelligence was a huge point of discussion for TA teams and vendors alike. HireVue’s Chief I-O Psychologist, Dr. Nathan Mondragon, explores its applications in hiring and recruiting in this post.

4) How Sabre’s Agile Hiring Strategy Increased New Hire Quality 88%

Most hiring funnels are very rigid: all candidates go through the same stages. In this post Sabre shows how a more agile funnel - where the top candidates can be plucked from any step in the hiring process - increased their quality of hire by 88%. 

5) How Video Interviewing Can Make Recruiters More Strategic

With AI-powered solutions automating many of recruiters’ traditional tasks, there’s been a shift in the way we conceptualize the recruiter’s role. Traditionally, recruiters' work is transactional: they act as messengers between candidates and managers. In this post we explore how video interviewing can help recruiters transition from transactional to strategic. 

6) How We Grew Our Engineering Team 20% in 1 Month

Hiring for technical roles is notoriously difficult. At HireVue, we increased our engineering manpower by 12 (over 20%) in only 1 month. Here we explain how we did it.

7) Candidates Are Sick of Talent Assessments - So They’re Gaming Them

From a young age, test-takers are trained to study. For pre-hire assessments, this skews things unfairly in favor of those who spend money on prep materials. This post explores the implications of our test-taking culture on a popular screening tool: the pre-hire assessment.

8) The Business Case for Candidate Experience

The biggest challenge facing digital-age marketers is breaking through the noise. Yet job applicants, for the time they are applying, are wholly focused on your brand. Why are they treated poorly? In this post we explore how the candidate’s experience can have a direct impact on an organization’s bottom line. 

9) Diversity Hiring’s “Reality Gap”

Diversity hiring continues to be an issue that everyone gets behind, but few follow through with. Why does this “gap” exist, and what can we do to bridge it? In this post we pull from the latest research on inclusive hiring to provide recommendations that break down barriers in the way of your diversity initiatives.

10) The State of Candidate Experience in 2017

Want to compare and contrast the candidate experience in 2017 and 2018? Come back to this post in a couple months to see what’s changed.