How Big Data is Changing the Hiring Game

March 25th, 2015

HireVue Team

Hiring, Metrics & Analytics, News

post 25 Right now, someone, somewhere, is talking about Big Data. Even in human resources, Big Data is playing an ever-larger role in the hiring process, but how does it help companies bring in top talent? Through predictive analytics and assessments,major players like Google and Xerox are slicing their turnover rates in half while scoring some of the top talent in their respective industries.

Big Data and the Hiring Process

Big Data revelations challenge traditional HR thinking about the hiring process, even down to the likelihood of turnover when hiring a candidate with a history of job-hopping. By creating a consistent set of metrics for hiring, the use of Big Data makes it easier for hiring managers to develop a consistent strategy. There are also insights provided by Big Data which would otherwise go unnoticed during a traditional hiring process. For example, research shows that applicants who use non-default browsers such as Google Chrome or Firefox to fill out an online application are less likely to change jobs as often, and typically display better job performance than those who use default browsers. This is an insight a human resources manager may not have access to, and a potentially valuable way to evaluate a candidate.

BigData as an Applicant Tracking System

Keeping track of every potential candidate can be a herculean task for human resources professionals and hiring managers. Taking advantage of Big Data assessments can help to streamline the process, making the hiring process both more efficient and effective. Balancing insights gleaned through analytics and data assessments with the personal touch of a video interview as an additional interview tool can be a highly effective method of hiring and retaining the top talent in any given field. Whether a company plans to use Big Data as a screening tool for applicants before scheduling video job interviews or as a precursor to the face-to-face meeting, putting the right candidates in the right place at the right time can make all the difference. By using predictive analytics, an employer is able to learn more about applicants than can be expressed through a single resume and are better positioned to find the right fit for every position. Check out HireVue Pre-Employment Assessments today for more information on how to use predictive analytics and Big Data to score the top talent in your industry.