How Sabre Doubled Quality of Hire [Webinar Recap]

May 30th, 2018

Jon-Mark Sabel

Employer Branding, Hiring, Recruiting Teams, Video Interviewing

Recruiting software developers is competitive. Great developers are off the market incredibly quickly, but a poor quality hire can cost an organization much more than their salary.

In our recent webinar with Sabre, they explained how they reengineered their hiring funnel to double their quality of hire for intern-level developers.

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What Predicts Success?

Recruiting is all about prediction. When it comes to what actually predicts success on the job, what we think is a good predictor is frequently little better than flipping a coin. predictive screening

The screening criteria to the left of the scale are frequently used at the beginning of the hiring process - but have very low relevance when it comes to how a candidate actually performs on the job.

This means that great candidates are often screened out because they don’t fit what we think success looks like.

This is exactly the problem Sabre encountered with traditional campus recruiting:


Moving Great Predictors to the Beginning of the Hiring Process

By reengineering their hiring funnel, Sabre put the most predictive element of their hiring process - the OnDemand video interview and coding assessment - at the beginning:

sabre after

This reengineered approach:

  • Removed Geographic Limitations. Recruiters aren’t limited by the number of schools they can visit - students from across the country get an equal opportunity to intern.
  • Removed Time Limitations. Some hiring managers make hiring decisions based entirely on a candidate’s video interview and coding assessment. This makes hiring faster and more agile; they can hire the best of the best quickly.
  • Nearly Doubled Quality of Hire. With traditional campus recruiting, hiring managers only requested 40% of their interns for full-time employment. Now they request 75% back for full-time employment.
Hear from Sabre to learn how they increased quality of hire 88%, cast a wider net, and built a stronger employer brand:

See the Full Webinar

You’ll hear the strategies they used to empower hiring managers and make their recruiting more agile, as well as the answers to these questions:

  • How do you get recruiters and leaders to buy into a new process?
  • How does the coding assessment address plagiarism and cheating?
  • What has recruiter acceptance and adoption been like?
  • How do candidates like or dislike the process?
  • Does this make the process less personal and harder to sell candidates on your organization?
  • What about technical talent that doesn’t want to be on camera - how do you manage this?