How to Use Social to Source Your Candidates

October 16th, 2013

HireVue Team

Video Interviewing

HOW TO USE SOCIAL TO SOURCE YOUR CANDIDATES Are you using social to source your candidates? If you're not, or if you feel like your social presence isn't the best it could be for recruiting ideal talent, consider breathing new life into each of your social networks. Creating dedicated pages on social media for your company's career paths is a great way to draw candidate interest in your company as a great place to work. Social media provides recruiters and HR professionals with a tremendous opportunity to reach and engage potential candidates, build a talent community, and increase the number of high-quality applicants that come through the virtual door in your digital job interviews. On Facebook and Google+, consider creating a dedicated Career Page. With branded banners, photos taken from around the office, videos of your employees talking about their experiences at work, job posts, and more, you can create a thriving community around your current and future employees and their families. Your Twitter strategy should be similar. Create a careers account, and use your 140 character posts to share job listings, feedback from employees, information about your company, and answer questions that job seekers may have. With hashtag functionality, it's easy to make jobs discoverable and converse with candidates. With LinkedIn, you can establish a top-notch company profile that showcases your company culture, available jobs, and other information about the people, products, and services that make your company great. Also consider publicizing any “thought leadership” your company is doing-- this will appeal to professionals who are doing research about your company, too. Just as you're going to try to learn as much about candidates before they walk in the door, chances are the candidates you want joining your organization are going to research your company as much as possible. Make it easy for them to find information that reflects that your company is more than just your product and services. Showing the human side of your organization not only gives candidates plenty of ways to learn about what it’s like to work for you, but you’ll also be showing them that you care about interacting with them even before they become a part of your company.