Increasing Your Employees’ Trust

June 3rd, 2014

HireVue Team

Candidate Experience

INCREASING YOUR EMPLOYEES’ TRUST Distrust in the workplace is unfortunately all too common, occurring among both employees and employers. While minor distrust naturally occurs in all businesses, sometimes these feelings build up leading to turnover and low morale. Business should schedule time to analyze why distrust occurs among their employees and implement corrective actions to resolve it. CBS News explains how improving management communication in a few key areas can create a drastic turnaround in employee’s perception of the company. Clarify Job Duties One issue that creates distrust is when job duties are continually added to an employee’s job title without any thought into whether they make sense. Businesses change rapidly and there are always new tasks to perform. However, managers should ensure that they assign tasks to the most appropriate job title. Evaluate all current job descriptions to ensure that they haven’t become a catchall for numerous unrelated duties. Set up a standard performance review schedule for employees and ensure that the duties still match each year. Reward employees who take on new challenges to ensure that they believe that their employer rewards hard work. Honor Leave Requests Fully explain procedures for requesting time off during orientation or your digital onboarding process for new employees. Conscientious employees don’t abuse vacation and paid time off policies. Problems often begin when management begins to disregard employee requests and alter working schedules with limited notice. Avoid reassigning employees or calling them in for additional shifts unless there is a true emergency. Causing a valuable employee to change vacation plans for no good reason is a sure way to lose them. In addition, employers should not make employees feel guilty for taking advantage of legal leave mandates, such as the Family Medical Leave Act. Don’t Deduct Money From Paychecks One of the quickest ways to garner a wary, distrustful workforce is to dock money from their paycheck. For tardiness or a doctor’s appointment. While habitual lateness should be reprimanded, employers should give leeway when infrequent issues arise. Likewise, if employees are required to work over time, business should compensate them fairly for their work rather than stating it’s part of the job.