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November 1st 2013

HireVue Team

Is Your Application Process Mobile Friendly?

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Has your company's career site made the switch to mobile? Job seekers are increasingly turning to smartphones and tablets during their job search, which has caused many experts to believe that there's no question of "if" the application process will become mobile compatible, but "when."

Stripping down the initial application process to help primarily screen for whether or not you want to interview a candidate is a great way of optimizing your application process for mobile. And for employers concerned about complying with federal agencies like the office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs, switching your application to several phases will allow you to comply with regulations while keeping the application process smart.

How can you break up your application process for mobile?

Consider developing a short primary application that can be completed on mobile to screen for desirability. This might ask for name, email address, phone number, and most-recent employer and job title along with the option of including skills or knowledge. This application could, in turn, be followed by a request that desirable candidates provide a more detailed application that can be completed on a desktop or through LinkedIn autofill features and for candidates that you know right off the bat won’t work, sending a polite letter stating you aren’t interested will result in less time wasted on both ends.

A good digital job interview software can help you decrease mobile application drop-off rates by letting candidates apply and interview easily anytime, anywhere, from any device. As mobile recruiting evolves into its next stage, your company should embrace change to better engage and retain top candidates or risk losing talent to your competitors.

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