Looking For Great Talent? Go Mobile!

April 29th, 2013

HireVue Team

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 Mobile devices are primed to overtake desktop and laptop computers as Americans' preferred method for accessing the Internet by 2015, according to a new report from technology research firm IDC. Smart employers and recruiters are hurrying to develop mobile versions of their career websites, including simplified versions of job applications that are easy to complete on handheld devices.

This development goes hand in hand with two other transformative technology trends: social networking and cloud computing. A recent report from Nielsen found that 63% of Americans access social-networking sites on their mobile devices — and, with job opportunities shared widely across these sites, more candidates are hearing about openings on their phones and tablets.

For many of the higher-skilled positions that are shared on networks like LinkedIn, candidates now expect the easy access of mobile job-searching and applications. Is mobile the next big area for recruiting? According to the Wall Street Journal, "Companies and recruiting experts believe mobile recruiting will help them engage candidates who may otherwise fall through the cracks: lower-wage and younger workers who may not have computers at home but are glued to their smartphones, as well as the coveted passive candidates who might casually explore their options while they are off the clock."

Recent research has shown that online job-searches are making the labor market more efficient as candidates are more quickly matched to jobs. This may increase as more individuals spend more time online when they are on the go — though currently, only 33% of Fortune 500 companies have career portals that are even optimized to fit on a mobile phone.

If you're looking to make your recruiting go mobile, bear in mind that your biggest challenge will likely be creating a streamlined user experience. Partnering with HireVue makes the experience easier with a mobile app that brings candidates straight to the interview with a seamless transition. Filling out dozens of fields and completing assessment tests is annoying enough with a traditional keyboard; it is even more onerous with a tiny screen and a keyboard prone to typos. For more information on HireVue’s mobile experience for candidates and recruiters.