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June 9th 2014

HireVue Team

Making the Most of Your Resources

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MAKING THE MOST OF YOUR RESOURCES Job seekers often think they are pulling out all of the stops when it comes to finding a job. However, their efforts can still fall short of the market when they don’t target the appropriate individuals or neglect to follow up with them. Forbes online magazine discusses how to fully utilize your existing job resources and increase your chances to secure job offers. Improved Resume Distribution While sending your resume to friends and family to distribute may get it in front of more people, it doesn't necessarily get you a job. Instead, ask loved ones for the names and contacts of the individuals they are giving your resume to. Then, follow up with those individuals so that they can actually get to know you instead of just your resume. Focus on providing value for the company by congratulating them on a news article that mentions them. The goal is to open up a dialogue and keep your name in their memory. Follow Up On Favors If a former coworker or manager offers to call colleagues to get you a job, it’s a step in the right direction. You’ll want to have them find out which companies are hiring and if they need your skills. That way, when you approach these company, you already know that there is a need. It’s much easier to get a job at a company that is actively seeking your skills than at one which isn't even hiring at all. Embrace New Technology The job search landscape has changed dramatically in recent years. Most networking and resume submissions are now done online. In addition, very few individuals get jobs by responding to a job ad. Most people now gain employment through networking, referrals and online interviews. It’s worth the time and effort to set up professional profiles on business networking sites such as LinkedIn. Don’t forget to search through the system and find old coworkers and acquaintances to connect with. You may get a job lead or at least a reference.

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