Over 1000 Job Seekers Interview on Christmas Day

January 5th, 2017

Jon-Mark Sabel


While not everyone celebrates Christmas, nearly every store in America is closed on December 25th. Yet on a day many reserve for familial camaraderie, presents, and undercooked ham, over 1000 enterprising job hunters interviewed for positions across the globe.

Who are these people, and what drove them to commit such cultural sacrilege on a day many would consider a national day of rest?

Jokes aside, this statistic proves that people are busy. Perhaps retail employees, guaranteed one holiday a year, were among the 1000 interviewees. It stands to reason that much experienced (and lucrative) talent is probably already working, burdened with erratic schedules and mandatory overtime that make interview scheduling impossible.

You’re probably thinking that makes sense. Schedules are notoriously difficult to align, particularly when interviews are involved. But if you're anything like me, there’s a small, nagging voice in your head saying: “But Christmas? The one time a year to forget about work and spend time with friends and family?”

Let’s make a couple things clear. These interviews are on demand: they are done through video and can be completed at any time. They also take less than ten minutes.

Nonetheless, they are still interviews. It’s probably not the best idea to interview groggily before breakfast or exhausted and sweaty after a hard day’s work. You should be relaxed, yet alert- and being well-dressed probably doesn’t hurt.

Relaxed? Who isn’t relaxed on Christmas?

Alert? Rambunctious children and holiday adrenaline certainly have that covered.

Well-dressed? I think that speaks for itself.

Maybe Christmas is the perfect day to take an interview?

Or maybe they wore pajamas to their interview. Wouldn't be the first time.