Build a Purpose-Driven Workforce at Talent of Tomorrow

March 30th, 2017

Jon-Mark Sabel

Recruiting Teams


It’s no secret that it is getting harder to hire and retain the best talent. As the US economy inches towards full employment, the number of active job seekers continues to dwindle, particularly in industries like tech and healthcare. The talent landscape is undergoing what can only be referred to as terraforming:

  1. The Gig Economy is Growing. Agile workflows require agile workforces: the gig economy isn’t just Uber.
  2. The Skills Gap is Widening. The number of people with the skills necessary to drive growth is not keeping up with the pace of innovation.
  3. The Baby Boomers are Retiring. What ten years ago was the largest component of the workforce continues its descent into minority. On the flip side, Millennials are taking up a larger portion of the workforce than ever before - and they have different priorities.
  4. People Today Work Differently. Always-connected mobile devices have created an “always-on” workforce. While this has created a huge amount of flexibility in the hours employees can work, it also holds a huge potential for burnout.

At the Talent of Tomorrow webinar on April 25th, you’ll learn how to tackle these issues from multiple perspectives:

1. How to Build a Purpose-Driven Workforce

Paychecks don’t differ too much from workplace to workplace - but sense of purpose does. In this interactive session with Aaron Hurst, CEO of Imperative, you’ll examine the new approach necessary to attract and retain the best (and most purpose-driven) talent. He’ll also share breakthrough research on creating a talent strategy molded around a greater sense of purpose, examples of organizations that have done so, and first steps toward creating your own purpose-inspired talent strategy.

2. How to Answer “Why?”

Hot on the heels of Aaron’s presentation comes insight from Adrienne Sullivan, Global Employment Brand Leader at Thermo Fisher Scientific. She’ll discuss how to answer the new generation of candidate’s most persistent question: “Why?” To succeed in attracting the top talent of this generation, you’ll need answer: why your organization is a great fit for the candidate, why the candidate is a great fit for the organization, and why the candidate should come aboard immediately. Adrienne will cover all this, and more, helping your organization lead with brand, not jobs.

3. How to Optimize Your Tech Stack

As we’ve seen, the labor market and workforce are prone to rapid change. Building the right talent tech stack is key to preparing for the best - and the worst. There are a huge number of single-solution tech vendors making big promises for the talent acquisition specialist. In this presentation by Jeff Diana, Kevin Parker, Mike Hennessy, Jon Bischke, and Dr. Jennifer Burnett, you’ll learn how to optimize your tech stack and stay agile in the face of new hiring challenges.

Learn all this, and more, at the Talent of Tomorrow webinar: