Surprising Wins on World Hiring Day

September 27th, 2016

Erica Hill

Video Interviewing

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On the first World Hiring Day, our goal was simple - to give as many people as possible a chance to break through the typical screening process and introduce themselves to great companies. The traditional application process is broken - a candidate sends a resume which may or may not get looked at, may also have to fill out an application that asks for the same information provided in the resume, and sometimes take a 100+ question assessment before they ever hear from anyone. They wait days, weeks, or longer to get a response - often a ‘thanks but no thanks’ automated email. That’s because less than 2.5% of candidates are evaluated for a typical opening.  Manual processes make it impossible to deal with volume, so talented candidates get screened out with random methods to make applicant pools manageable. Is that the right way to get an organization's greatest asset (its’ people) to work on the complex business challenges of today? At HireVue, we know it isn’t - so we asked our customers to try a method that we know works - let ALL interested candidates introduce themselves to recruiting teams and hiring managers via digital interview. It’s a win:win for companies looking for the best talent and candidates looking for their dream job.  world hiring day

The Results Are In:

In addition to learning some valuable lessons along the way about how to let candidates self-diagnose technical issues more efficiently, and our engineering teams learning how to support greater loads than ever - here are some of the numbers:

  • Over 300 HireVue customers participated
  • Over 15,000 digital interviews created in a single day
  • 70,000 digital interviews during the week
  • 50+ "Video First, Apply Later" use cases
  • Interviews completed in 32 countries

And our customers had fun - and found great candidates.  team meetingLook at the Carnival team banding together and celebrating all of the video introductions that came in! As a candidate, isn’t it great to think about a team of people eagerly awaiting your video? Children’s Mercy Hospital pioneered the “Introduce Yourself” program a year ago, and on World Hiring Day - over 50 companies followed suit. Never one to rest on their laurels, Children’s Mercy is always looking for ways to innovate with video and they created this video for World Hiring Day.

Candidates Found Meaningful Work

But more importantly, World Hiring Day resulted in people finding work, and quickly. Here’s a true story that proves we accomplished our goal of giving everyone a fair shot at their next opportunity.

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To learn more about “Introduce Yourself” and the video-first approach, watch the full presentation at Digital Disruption: Stop Screening Out Great Talent! Ideas to Reverse Engineer the Way You Build Great Teams