Top Moments from Digital Disruption 2017

September 27th, 2018

Jon-Mark Sabel

News, Video Interviewing

On October 9th, we’ll be throwing the first ever HireVue Horizon in beautiful Savannah, Georgia. It’s a complete reimagining of previous years’ Digital Disruption conferences. We wanted to focus on the future of recruiting, not so much its “disruption."

While the name, location, and tone are changing, the caliber of content is what you’ve come to expect. And it’s only getting better (see our speaker lineup here).

To get a taste of the breakthrough recruiting approaches, strategies, and stories you’ll see at Horizon, let’s revisit the top seven moments from Digital Disruption 2017.

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Unilever Gives a Sneak Peek at the Future of Recruiting

Before “AI in recruiting” became one of the hottest topics in talent acquisition, Unilever was leveraging the technology to find high potential graduates for its Future Leaders Programme.

In their session: "Candidates Dont Like Assessments. Debunking this and other Myths Through Data Science and AI", Unilever explained how they used AI to consider 2x as many candidates, reduce their time to fill by 80%, and create their most diverse class of new hires to date. All while saving £1,000,000 annually.

Children’s Mercy Hospital Displays Employer Branding at its Best

Employer branding is a lot like healthy eating. Everyone knows they should be doing it, but few get it right. In their session: “Interview First, Apply Later: How A Flipped Hiring Process Increases Diversity and New Hire Quality”, Children’s Mercy Hospital (CMH) showed employer branding at its best.

Children’s Mercy Hospital is already known for their innovative approach to video interviewing. They allow any visitor to their career page to complete a short video interview, rather than fill out a lengthy application. Recruiters watch the video “introductions” and give each job seeker recommendations based on their demonstrated skills and experience.

Children’s Mercy took their video interviewing a step further in 2017. Today, job seekers who introduce themselves (and candidates who complete a job-specific video interview) are greeted by the children of Children’s Mercy Hospital, who take on the role of “interviewer” and ask the questions.

Compass Group Shows How to Use Next-Gen Tech for Campus Recruiting

Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, 360 Video: are these buzzwords, or useful recruiting tools? For Compass Group - the world’s 9th largest employer - the answer was the latter.

In their session: "Setting Course For Disruption: Tips for Adoption and Retention from Compass Group & Levy", they explored how the entertainment technologies of tomorrow could be used to attract today’s talent. It turns out virtual reality and 360 video are the perfect medium for giving potential candidates a realistic job preview while simultaneously giving them the opportunity to interview.

Sonic Automotive Demonstrates How to Prove the ROI of Recruiting

Proving ROI is always tricky, particularly for an area of the business that doesn’t directly drive revenue. In their session: “Trade In Poor Performance for Innovative Training Strategies & Exceptional Time to Fill”, Sonic Automotive demonstrated how sales recruiting can tie Time to Fill to revenue.

In Sonic Automotive’s case, that meant showing leadership potential profit increase of $10,000,000.

IBM Explains Why They Don’t Use Resumes to Screen Early Professional Software Developers

The contents of a resume (work history, education level, GPA, etc.) do a pretty poor job of predicting performance on the job. So IBM ditched them in favor of a validated technical assessment.

In their session: “In Tech We Trust: How Trust-Based Hiring Landed IBM the Top 4%”, IBM explained their resume-less process for screening early professional software developers, and how they earned buy-in from hiring managers. So far, things are looking good: candidates who completed a HireVue coding assessment were 20% more likely than their peers to receive the highest performance rating.

EY Shows How to Sell Enterprise Software Internally by Using the Software

Adoption is one of the biggest hurdles for any enterprise technology. EY demonstrated that this doesn’t need to be the case. In their session: “Drive Organization-Wide Adoption with Solution Immersion”, EY explained how they drove adoption for HireVue with HireVue.

The process, dubbed “Solution Immersion”, involved collecting feedback about the technology with the technology itself. All stakeholders received the opportunity to take a video interview and make their voices heard. In doing so, they became more comfortable with the platform and were less likely to become detractors.

Vodafone, VF Corporation, and Caleres Explore How Retail Talent Acquisition can Drive Revenue

Talent acquisition is an indirect revenue driver. By putting the right people in the right places, TA sets the business up to succeed. Unfortunately, this means recruiting rarely gets the credit when things go right.

In the panel: “From Candidate To Consumer - Driving Revenue Back To Your Business”, Vodafone, VF Corporation (Vans), and Caleres explained how they use the candidate experience to directly create revenue for their respective organizations. Up to this point, it was unheard of for TA to have a direct, measurable impact on revenue.

While their approaches will only work for businesses in B2C, the panel is a great example of the sort of thought leadership that comes out of this conference.

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