Why a College Degree is Not the Best Place to Start Screening

August 11th, 2016

Erica Hill


We are all busy, and despite packed calendars we know we should keep up to date on our industry news.  At HireVue, we believe in enabling companies to build and coach modern teams.  To help you keep up to date, we'll publish a weekly round-up of some interesting reading from other influencers and thought leaders on all things HR, HR Tech, Talent, People Strategy, Leadership, Employment Branding and Recruiting. Grab a cup of something and spend a few minutes reading the key findings from a large leadership study in just a few paragraphs, watch some interesting employer branding videos from other companies, check out the great HR Tech and HR SaaS provider chart from TechCrunch, and read Mark Newman's column in Inc. highlighting a company does not require college degrees in the hiring process.

When Managers Become Leaders

Last week we introduced you to the HireVue IO Psycholgists.  I/O at Work summarizes some key takeaways from their study in The Leadership Quarterly, 2016. Positive social networks are a key finding.  We featured a great speaker at Digital Disruption on getting outside of your normal social network at work, so that you can solve challenges more creatively.  (You can watch the presentation from O.C. Tanner's, David Sturt, on demand here)

11 Videos Reveal a Mixed Bag in Employer Branding

As a video company, we appreciate the work that goes into crafting employment brand and creating a consistent message through video. We are consistently impressed with the innovative way our customers present their culture and values through video.  Check out this great round up of 11 videos from Blogging 4 Jobs.

HR 2.0 is the Poster Child for the Next Wave of SaaS Innovation

We've been hearing about the evolution in the role of HR from 'personnel management' to strategic business partner. At HireVue, we believe people are your competitive advantage, and there is no greater asset than your people, and technology can help you attract, select and coach them. This article from Tarun Kalra at Next World Capital, takes a look at the SaaS innovators in the HR Tech landscape.

How Much Should College Degrees Matter?

In his Inc. column, HireVue CEO, Mark Newman, shares Penguin Random House's progressive approach to reducing bias in hiring by scrapping degree requirements and hiring for passion rather than pedigree.

That's it for this week.  More HR news each week.  If you'd like to see what's happening in the Coaching arena, check out our Coach Blog.