Why Can’t Recruiters Find Me Online?

September 23rd, 2014

Emily Hatch

Hiring, News, Tips & Tricks, Video Interviewing

WHY CAN’T RECRUITERS FIND YOU ONLINE? Here are 3 tips every candidate should follow. #1 Professionally Network on Social Did you know recruiters use Facebook and Twitter, in addition to LinkedIn, as recruitment tools? Everyday we see pretty inappropriate social media profiles. It seems that candidates are unaware that profile photos are PUBLIC, among other things. Anyone who knows anything about Google search can come across your photos. So if you're on the job hunt…clean it up! Show off your fun-loving personality; just leave the drinks and middle fingers behind. Social media is a great networking tool that can get you noticed. Look for groups, pages and profiles that fit the industry you want to continue working in, and then engage in the conversation. Make comments on group discussions and follow industry influencers to broaden your visibility. LinkedIn has lots of resources to get you noticed. Use their suggestions to spruce up your profile – it really does work! And, here are a few more great ideas by our very own, Gabe Villamizar. #2 Use Keywords You are 10x more likely to come up in a candidate search when you use correct keywords. The easiest way to find keywords is by using a search engine and comparing job descriptions to find common themes. Keywords should include certifications, skills, experience, job titles (this is a big one) and previous employers.Then, incorporate them into your LinkedIn profile and other social networks. Remember to BE SPECIFIC. The more specific you are, the more likely you will come up in a candidate search. You will need to update your various profiles often to match the jobs you are applying for. #3 Ask For Recommendations We often hear that we need to sell ourselves in interviews and the same applies to your online profiles. Selling yourself means presenting your very best self by stating your skills and experience. This is not the time to be passive or humble. If you can sell yourself correctly you will get more visibility. Make sure you have an awesome summary with keywords that make you stand out as an individual. However, it doesn't stop there.To leave a lasting impression you need raving reviews from past and present employers, clients, colleagues and managers.Asking for recommendations may not sound like the easiest thing to do and it can be a little awkward, but you will be surprised to find that most professionals see the value in a recommendation and are happy to assist you. And, offering to write a recommendation in return will get the process going. Don't be shy. By following these simple tips you will definitely get noticed. Have patience and keep those profiles up to date. Now go out there and get your dream job! Bring Candidate to life