Why Resumes Suck for College Recruiting

December 16th, 2014

Emily Hatch

Hiring, Video Interviewing

Why Resume Suck's 2015 is right around the corner with college graduates on the hunt for the perfect job position. With an increase in recent years of college graduates, the competition is getting fierce. If you want the best of the best, you will need more than just a stack of resumes to read through. Pre-screening Pre-screening can be an incredibly time consuming process –scanning hundreds of resumes and trying to pull out the top ten candidates you’d like to interview is exhausting and tedious. Now, what if your target is recent college graduates? Can a simple resume give you insight into what type of an employee they might be? Probably not. Toss aside those resumes and use a digital recruiting strategy instead. Digital recruiting allows you to quickly find the best candidates for your open positions, giving you deeper insights into your candidates’ personalities, skills, and passions and helps you identify the best people to meet with face-to-face. Cultural Fit Another reason resumes suck is the lack of interaction. With a digital interviewing platform you can easily share your company culture and brand with interested candidates. Candidates can answer specific questions about their work ethic, interests and skill set to help hiring managers understand how they might perform as an employee. Reviewing After you have found the perfect candidate, passing around a resume won’t do them justice. With digital recruiting an employer can share the recorded interview with other colleagues without trying to remember every answer that was given or try to explain why they are a perfect fit. With competition for college talent rising, companies need to find new and innovative ways in which to engage quickly and effectively with the college workforce. To learn more about best practices and real-world examples for college recruiting, click HERE to check out our free eBook. Bring the Candidates