Don't Compromise Recruiter Experience for Candidate Experience

December 16th, 2016

Jon-Mark Sabel

Candidate Experience

You know that candidate experience matters. Virgin Media certainly does: $5 million in lost revenue tends to speak volumes. On the flip side, Hilton International added $135 million by putting an emphasis on the job hunting experience. In the era of social media, a small slight on the candidate side of things could have unforeseen repercussions on your bottom line.  This should not be news. That recruitment marketing is emerging as a viable, valuable field is evidence that the candidate experience paradigm is shifting. Organizations that follow and embrace the shift are seeing themselves attract more top talent than ever before- and slow adopters are getting left behind.  But in the pursuit of a positive candidate experience, it is very possible to leave behind a crucial group: the recruiters.  It is easy for upper management to implement a new system or candidate experience methodology: they've seen the studies showing how X thing improves candidate experience metrics by Y percent. Of course such a system should be implemented, working toward an increase in candidate satisfaction is a no-brainer.  Too often these new systems are implemented without the input of those who will use them most. And if your recruiters hate your revamped candidate experience package, what will result? How do you think your candidate experience will fare if your candidate's first point of contact detests the change? Since the recruiter's attitude is so closely aligned with the formation of the candidate experience, creating a positive recruiting environment is just as important as building a great experience for the candidate. So why not embrace both?

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