I love coffee. Even more, I love coffee and a good conversation with HR Leaders and customers of HireVue. I’m inspired by their leadership in candidate recruiting and I learn much from my conversations with these Human Resources Leaders.

Plus, there’s coffee.

The last 3 days I’ve been fortunate to be in Park City at HireVue’s Digital Disruption Conference. Spending time with HireVue customers and Talent Acquisition leaders invigorates me and helps me become a better HR leader myself. These good talks are what I call coffee chats.

For once I am able to finally share some good coffee chats with everyone. Check out the videos below to learn more about our customers and their experience at our Digital Disruption Conference. Tickets are already being sold for next year’s event. Hit me up for a discount.

Sports with Darrell Lampa at MLB (yes – that’s Major League Baseball):

Technology and professional football with Troy Barnett at Under Armour:

How to land a job at Nordstrom with Lindsey Daniels (repeat Digital Disruption attendee):

Triad chat with Larry McAlisterBekki Miske at Equinix where they cover sobriety, Mormons and mountains in Utah along with their kick ass recruiting and branding at Equinix.