How Honest Do You Really Need To be in an Interview If you have any kind of background that might prohibit you from eligibility in a job, it may be tempting to lie on your job application, but fight the urge and always be honest – recent SHRM research found that over two-thirds of employers now conduct background checks on prospective employees, which means that if you do lie, you’ll almost definitely be caught. A better approach is to use your background as an opportunity to discuss what you’ve learned from your experience and show your prospective employer what steps you’ve initiated to improve yourself. And while you still have a chance of getting the job if you explain your situation, you eliminate any chance you have if they find out that you lied. Taking a digital interview gives you a great opportunity to explain yourself and show your current and future initiative. Last of all, don’t exclude yourself from the candidate pool before an employer even has a chance to watch your digital interview or see your resume. According to a hiring discrimination study conducted at Princeton, nearly three-fifths of organizations allow job candidates a chance to explain their background check before a hiring decision is made. Remember: even if you don’t think you’ll get the job, it never hurts to apply. Not applying means you definitely will not get the job. If you have a background and you are seeking employment, there are many resources to help you get back into the workforce. The number one thing to remember is to always be honest – it is the only option for lasting employment.