HOW TO CHECK REFERENCESInterviewing candidates is important– and interviewing their references can be doubly so. According to Kevin Ryan, Chairman and co-founder of Business Insider, references are an invaluable resource for a hiring manager when information is obtained from them properly. Said Business Insider, “References help guard against a hiring manager making a potentially risky, gut instinct decision…. it’s best to have a wide range of references. That way you’re not just interviewing the friends your candidate listed and also ensuring you don’t accidentally talk only to the one person who has a huge grudge against your applicant.” According to Ryan, some recruiters will spend 30 hours checking references. While that may be far beyond the range of what your organization can do, consider being more thorough with references in the future. Don’t just interview provided references. Use LinkedIn to seek out as many other connections as possible and ask them about the candidate. Likely, you’ll gain a wealth of information you wouldn’t have otherwise had. While digital interviewing makes it easy to find great talent and move candidates through the hiring process, it’s up to your organization to check references and make sure that each individual is right for you. Don’t be afraid to put in a little work– the payoffs are sure to be worth it!