How to Hire Dream Team Have you ever wondered why certain people excel at their jobs while others just do enough to get by? What motivates someone to be a “mover” and a “shaker” and how can that type of person be nurtured? The CEO of Software Advice, Don Fornes, had those same questions. With the help of Austin-area psychiatrist, Dr. James Maynard and Managing Editor Holly Regan, they discovered four distinct personality types: the Giver, the Champ (and the Chip), the Matrix Thinker and the Savant  and published a full article on Business Insider. Here are their summaries of each. To read more on each profile and how to identify them, click on the links below. The Giver Givers put others before themselves, both at home and in the workplace. They are loyal team players who hold the company in the highest regard and always follow the rules. Givers are the people who come in early and stay late, and they always give their work 110 percent. However, sometimes they give so much that they burn themselves out. Moreover, their selfless nature tends to make them averse to confrontation, so you may not get advanced warning of issues. The Champ (and the Chip) The Champ is your typical high-performing salesperson, and a natural politician. Champs are energetic and enthusiastic; they love engaging with people, and they know how to read others. They are confident and motivated, and strive to be the best at what they do — often successfully. However, many Champs come with a Chip on their shoulder. While this can fuel their motivation, in some cases, it grows too big, manifesting itself in clashes with authority. The Matrix Thinker Matrix Thinkers are creative types: they think outside the box, and then some. They are constantly taking in information from everything around them, and frequently make connections among seemingly-unrelated concepts. Matrix Thinkers are clever, innovative and often visionary — but sometimes, their quick thinking just confuses everybody. They can become easily bored and distracted, and may tend towards unhealthy impulsivity. At their best they are brilliant; at their worst they are in chaos. The Savant Savants have developed exceptional talent in a single field; they’re really good at what they do. They are intelligent, driven and love to learn. Savants are creatures of habit, and when they’re free to follow their specific routine, they can focus intensely on a given project for hours on end. While they’re often skilled writers, Savants tend to struggle with verbal communication and are uncomfortable in social situations. They are inclined to challenge authority, and their natural perfectionism can be a double-edged sword. The following is a snapshot of the Savant. So now that you have all the tools to go find the “movers” and “shakers” of the world, start your digital interviewing and go make that Dream Team!