HOW TO HIRE A STAR As Entrepreneur says, “Getting noticed by the best happens more when you’re the best.” If you want to take your company to the top with superstar talent, you’ll need to examine yourself while snaring top-talent to come give your brand a boost. If you’re ready to begin hiring rock star employees, here’s a guide to getting started. For creating an environment that’s sure to draw rockstar employees, focus on the following questions that Entrepreneur recommends you ask yourself about your company:
• Do superstars seek us out? Why? Why not?
• What is it about working here that differentiates us from our competition?
• What indicators do we consistently reference to keep tabs on our reputation?
• How might those indicators be changing (i.e., social media)?
• What are a couple of reasons a superstar would not choose us other than salary?
• What can we do about it? With the economy that we are currently in, it’s easier than ever to find dynamite talent– especially talented individuals who may not yet have all the credentials they need to become a superstar. Hire individuals who may be lacking the on-paper certifications (such a degree or the latest program certification), or who may need a little training, and be flexible. With patience and polish, great employees can be trained up into superior ones – and if you have great talent, it’ll be easier than ever to find great talent. Another way to find great employees is to leverage your current network. Check your contacts list, and target anyone who may be able to connect you to your next awesome employee. Likewise, look to your current employees’ social and professional networks to help staff your company. Great talent knows great talent, and even if you aren’t necessarily looking to hire immediately, it’s useful to have lists of potential employees standing by. Thirdly, network! Get out and be social. Going to trade shows and conferences and networking with the people there is a great way to increase your contacts list and help fill out your roster of potential new employees. Once you have these contacts, keep in touch – email a few each month just to keep your leads warm. That way, when you ask for help, they’ll be likely to lend you a hand, and when they ask you for help, you’ll be willing to provide the same.