MEDIA AFFECT YOUR 2013 JOB HUNT?2012 was the year of companies experimenting with using social media to brand and market. 2013 will be the year of Social HR, with organizations integrating social technologies into the way they recruit, develop & engage employees. Job seekers can stay ahead of the curve by getting ready for a social world and focusing on their personal brand. We’re moving from a “knowledge economy” to a “social economy,” and as we do so, the line is quickly blurring between the value of what we know and who we know. In 2013, many companies predict that prospective job applicants will be much more deliberate in creating their “elevator pitch” and posting this promotional blurb on Facebook, Linkedin and in their Twitter bios. The traditional resume is being replaced by the breadth and depth of your personal brand. Before you’re interviewed by a potential employer, you should expect the recruiting manager or hiring manager to check out one or more of the following sources about you:

  1. The top ten searches for your name on Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask or other search engines
  2. The number of Twitter followers you have and last time you tweeted
  3. The size and quality of your LinkedIn community
  4. The number and quality of recommendations you have on LinkedIn
  5. The content posted on your Facebook profile
  6. Your Klout score.

If personal branding seems shallow, think again. Putting value on your networks and spheres of influences makes perfect sense in an age where crowd sourcing the right solution to a problem is just as good as coming up with it yourself. This social shift won’t only affect job seekers: HR executives in charge of talent management also must know how to use social tools to their advantage. Already, businesses in the recruiting ecosystem are cropping up to streamline the process for them. Start-ups like Entelo and TalentBin help companies find eligible applicants by scanning social networks and spotlighting certain candidates. Their search tools consider the experience and history mentioned in users’ profiles, but also their use of the social network.  Most importantly, HireVue is changing the game by bringing your personal brand to life, digitally.  You are no longer limited to a paper resume – now you can speak for yourself for the world, and potential employers to see.  Prepare for a bigger digital picture in 2013. Getting this head start on head hunting is crucial as top corporations’ search for top candidates becomes ever more competitive. Which social media tools are already standard at your company, and which do you expect to adopt this year?