HUMAN RESOURCES + SOCIAL MEDIAWipro, an Indian consulting firm, recently posted the results of a survey on HR processes within Indian countries. The survey is a must-read for anyone interested in the convergence of HR and social media practices, as it details a number of new and interesting developments in the business applications of social media in India. According to the study a majority of the organizations stated that they use social media in human resources. It is important to note, however, that they also agree that social media in human resources has not been tapped to the maximum. It is used disparately and inconsistently, though many organizations are confident that they will be using social media better in the future to be ahead of the competition. We write a lot about HR practices and the evolution of the HR world, and one great way to gauge the adaptability of any business practice is to see what new technology is incorporated into it. We were excited to see in the survey that hiring emerged as the main area where human resources organizations were found to be more social media savvy, and the leaders surveyed expressed interest in usage of social media in the areas of Internal Branding, Collaboration & Communication, and Hiring. As employers embrace the use of new digital spaces like LinkedIn’s recruiting service, or Facebook’s Social Jobs Application, to connect with current and potential clients and employees, a culture of technology is slowly growing around various HR processes. We all know that innovation and technological change can breathe new life into practices that have become stale or outdated– we’re looking forward to a world where online tools enrich everyone’s ability to find jobs and do their work effectively. We can only hope that the survey results from India reflect a wider global change in the business paradigm, one of companies exploring the many HR uses of social media and other digital tools. Now that many businesses have tested the online waters with LinkedIn, we look forward to a progression towards more digitally streamlined recruiting, hiring, and HR practices.  HireVue’s digital interviewing platform, and social OpenVue tool do just that, bridging the gap between traditional HR and social media.