After last week’s first Presidential debate and looking forward to the Vice Presidential debate coming up, if you’re like many Americans, election time inspires many to make a difference. We’re teased by dreams and promises of change that’ll make life better for us all. We’re constantly bombarded by campaign coverage, exploration of “the issues”, and every last detail about the candidates as well as the views of their parties. But with all the noise, how do we individually make a difference? Most of us recognize that showing up to vote is the beginning of our personal political power. If you want to have an even greater impact, there’s a lot you can do, starting with making a donation. You also could volunteer for a campaign, participate in local fundraising or get involved with other activities tied to an issue or party. So, if you want to get more involved, how would you start? And, how would you promote yourself so that you are chosen? Politicians and their teams are asking the same things today – how would people get involved? And, they’re tying that directly to the exploration of the topic that’s nearest to their hearts (and their pocketbooks): what’s the best way to reach the people that want to contribute or do more? The Truth is in the Numbers…
In July of this year, Google’s political blog was about winning the election in November based on answering this very question and then putting the right plan in motion. The blog cites some powerful data: • “More than 80% of eligible voters are online”
• “83% of mobile phone owners are registered voters”
• “1 out of every 3 likely voters in November say that they didn’t watch tv in the past week”
• “Voters are spending more media time on their mobile devices than newspapers & magazines combined”
Source: “How November Will Be Won: By the Numbers”
https://googlepolitics.blogspot.com/2012/07/how-november-will-be-won-by-numbers.html This information as well as the data in the Google report they cite called “Four Screens to Victory” reveals how the Internet, technology and mobile phones have changed how people learn, interact and engage in what they believe in. Yes, the impact of these developments and trends

on the political front is undeniable. It is all about reaching people where they spend their time, using the tools they are comfortable using. So, imagine you’re charged with fundraising — to get the next President of the United States elected or to get support for a cause in this election. You probably would be working the social media avenues with a strategy to build grassroots support and word of mouth using that powerful networking medium. You also would need to assemble teams of people to support fundraising and grassroots initiatives. You’d be looking for people with the interest, passion, and dedication to support the party and the candidate. And, you’d have to identify people for key roles on the team – those with specific strengths and experience. How Could You Get a Strategic Advantage to Build Your Team?
It sure sounds a lot like any major company hiring initiative, doesn’t it? In both cases, networking and advertising to identify candidates and then screening them the traditional ways is hardly a fast process. What if you had a secret advantage? What if you had a way that would help you screen large numbers of people quickly to identify those that would be just right for the cause? Digital interviewing provides exactly that advantage!
With the power of video, you can invite large numbers of people, regardless of where they live, to answer questions that will help you learn about their soft skills and capabilities much faster. HireVue enables you to speed through responses, spending time then and in the future with only those that fit. Your teams can share and compare responses, making the solution ideal for selecting people for key roles as well as for larger teams. And, The Best Part?
Going Digital Reaches People How They Want to Be Reached!
With HireVue, people can complete digital interviews from any computer with a webcam or on-the-go using mobile devices! And, using video to record or review interview responses is as easy as watching a movie! Digital Interviewing enables any organization to quickly find key leadership candidates and candidates that will perform specific duties in a local market. It enables organizations to quickly mobilize large numbers of people, screened to fit unique requirements. Using video, no one has to worry about being down in the polls for long. They can mobilize an initiative to start to impact those results very quickly. What If YOU Want To Participate in Fundraising Or Some Other Political Initiative?
The good news is that the people running campaigns, recruiting and spreading the news are beginning to grasp the true power of reaching people where they spend their time. So, your best bet is to start online! Check out the websites and social media pages of parties, candidates, and organizations that you believe in or that inspire you. Learn, look for opportunities to serve, contact people involved and network. And, if you’re asked to do a video interview, prepare and share your passion! Practice sharing why you want to be involved and answering questions you believe they’ll ask about your abilities, experience, and interests. Above all, be genuine. Share your passion for the cause and for the great opportunity we have as Americans to be a part of the political process. You have a voice — and video let’s that be heard! This week at the HR Tech Conference in Chicago, we heard from Obama and Romney just like we did last night – but this time through digital interviewing. Follow HireVue on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for the latest from the Presidential lookalikes and how digital interviewing can make the difference in any hiring process.