IMPACTING SALES RESULTS WITH BETTER It’s no secret that hiring a great salesforce is a challenge for most organizations. Traditional hiring processes don’t make it easy to consistently find the right salespeople that will do well and stay. However, that traditional limitation should not stand in the way of building a great salesforce — and, even more importantly, a company-wide focus on sales growth. I know firsthand that digital interviewing makes all the difference. I should explain that I have few biases. Sales is not about getting someone to buy something. It is uncovering someone’s pain points, understanding how you can provide solutions, challenging thinking around the pain and possible solutions, and helping them implement a solution in the form of your offering. With that said, why wouldn’t you want everyone in your organization operating with a sales mindset, focused on doing their part? Finally, hiring the right salespeople doesn’t have to be so difficult — if you’re willing to embrace change. What’s wrong with traditional hiring processes?When leaders tell me they have trouble hiring and retaining salespeople, I always ask why. Most describe shortages of qualified and available salespeople, trouble finding those that can sell a solution versus a commodity, or difficulties finding people with the right styles, interpersonal skills and experience to fit the market and culture. I’m not surprised because they’re using a traditional process — one that relies heavily upon the static resume. Relying upon the written word and keyword searches, the hiring team rushes to find the shortlist of resumes among the hundreds or thousands for a single sales job. They get through a portion, finding resumes that indicate they may have the sales experience — or that they’re good resume writers — and call for more information. At this point, they’ve already discounted candidates that could be good hires, simply because they cannot prescreen everyone using this process. They’ve also screened-in those that look good on a resume, even though someone who looks good in writing or has been successful in one industry or culture may not be a fit for their organization’s needs. That’s where digital comes in…
With digital interviewing, you can screen candidates up to 10 times faster and get to know them much better, earlier. Each candidate answers the same questions from your team, so you can quickly review and compare candidates against your criteria. And, you’ll get a sense of selling styles, interpersonal skills, and overall fit for sales and culture at your organization using video, which is something the written word just can’t provide. And there’s more…I think I’m a pretty typical sales leader in the sense that I’m on the road most of the time. My availability is limited as is the time of the people throughout our organization that need to weigh in on hiring decisions by participating in candidate evaluations. And, time-to-hire and costs are important to me. Vacancies represent lost opportunity and lower than optimal returns. Interview travel and coordination of multiple in-person interviews eat up time and increase costs. I need to make the right hires fast. Meanwhile, the world of the salesperson has changed in the last decade. Mobile communications and applications help salespeople be in better contact with prospects and clients real time, on the go. The Internet and sophisticated software solutions power dynamic sales tracking, lead generation and predictive modeling. These are important advances; yet some of the most impactful changes have to do with how the role of the salesperson has changed – and how that’s driven by changes in the world of the customer. Today’s customer – whether an individual consumer or a business purchaser – is more educated, even before they interact with sales. They have a world of information at their fingertips. Using the Internet, they narrow product decisions, do research and prepare for discussions with salespeople. Today’s salesperson has to be more prepared. He is often pulled into the process later today, and may be dealing with several educated decision makers who can access online information about the company’s offerings and those of competitors in addition to reviews from past purchasers. So, he needs to do research and be prepared to debate options, answer challenging prospect questions, and present solutions. Like for most sales leaders, my priority is making better, more informed hiring decisions in today’s environment. I’m hiring a more sophisticated, uniquely skilled salesperson than ever. I need to hire people that can positively impact sales results and hit the ground running. With this in mind, here are some of the other reasons I love digital interviewing for sales hiring:• You get more value earlier! Salespeople are impactful, relying upon numerous cues and interactions. Going digital means your team will be influenced by the right content, and less by the small talk prevalent during in-person interviews. Candidates immediately get down to business on video, answering questions you provide each one. Plus, you can rewatch videos and even share them with the hiring team for review, which helps a lot during decision-making!
• Multiple evaluators can easily play their part, without costly travel! There’s no need to drag out sales candidates’ interviews over many weeks and multiple interviews in traditional stages. Instead, digital interviews enable multiple evaluators to weigh in, rating and giving feedback on candidates at the same time! And, there is no need for costly interview travel!
• Phone screens can be reduced or eliminated, while you get an even better feel for fit for your product or service, the customer base and industry, as well as culture.
• Bad interviews are eliminated. You won’t waste time with candidates who look good in writing but do not present well or have the skills you need.
• Candidates love it. They can complete interviews between sales calls or from home instead of taking time off. And, they can even go mobile!
• Hiring for multiple locations is easier than ever! The hiring team can cover more locations without wasted time and costs of travel.
• There’s no need for extended vacancies and downtime! Everything moves faster with digital. The best candidates don’t stay on the market for long. Now you can find them faster, spend more time with the right people, and make hires faster than ever. Learn More About Digital & How to Hire Great Salespeople, Everywhere!
I know what more companies are learning every day: that digital interviews transform the hiring process, making it easier and faster to hire the right people that can sell. I wouldn’t want to do it any other way. Isn’t it time to find out for yourself? Learn more at or contact a HireVue representative at 904.940.5594.