ThankYou HireVue at its most fundamental level enables people to tell their story. These stories are told in a contextually relevant way to an organization and we make it possible for each person’s story to be heard. Recently we received an e-mail from a Warehouse Manager excited about our technology at HireVue. “I have had a few interviews where I am the person being interviewed, and know within a few minutes that the person doing the hiring is looking for something else. This has happened several times, and as an applicant, I continue to try to assuage whatever issues they have, try to downplay my shortcomings, and mostly try to stay upbeat, but in the end it almost always goes the same way. Something along the lines of what you are selling would make a lot of sense for applicants as well, so we don’t have to go through the motions of showing up to an interview, only to have the interviewer waste our time on something that isn’t going to happen.” Jesse P., Warehouse Manager Over the last 20 years, the trend has been to break people down to a resume, a keyword, or an online profile. It is simply a matter of magnitude and scope of recruitment that has required this. However, we all know that people aren’t profiles on a screen. People aren’t mere words. People aren’t just bullets on a resume. People are voices, stories, and experiences. At HireVue we have been fortunate to build a platform that brings scale back to human interaction. The HireVue platform is where candidates can tell their story and present themselves as the incredible job candidates that they are for the right company (it’s all about FIT!). The recruiting world that used to focus on paper, profiles, bullet points, keyword searches and words has shifted with the innovation of digital interviewing. After 8 years of working on HireVue (including our first year where we sold two interviews!), I am incredibly grateful to see our vision and my dream become reality. HireVue is pioneering a new era of how people and organizations connect, demonstrate and validate skills and most importantly determine the right fit. This changes the game for small to large companies hiring people from all walks of life. It changes the game for the world economy where anyone regardless of location can demonstrate their skills and tell their story so that they are on the same playing field as someone down the street. I can tell you as well that this is only the beginning. For that and much more, we are grateful. Thank you for supporting HireVue.