INCREASE YOUR CHANCES TO ACE THE INTERVIEW Applying for jobs can be exhausting business, and disheartening when you don’t hear back. With the job market as competitive as it is, here are four mistakes you should avoid making when applying for a job. 1. You Didn’t Follow Instructions
Omitting part of the application, sending an email with the wrong subject line, or not following directions will likely lead you to an automatic dismissal – though these mistakes seem innocent enough, to a hiring manager they will signal that you’re either blindly applying to as many jobs as possible, or that you lack attention to detail. An employer will likely not risk either. 2. You Lack Experience
If you don’t meet a position’s required experience by a small margin, but make up for it in other ways, you might still have a fighting chance. This can be explained well in a digital interview. But if you’re clearly under-qualified for the job, don’t expect a call back. In fact, don’t even bother applying– it’s a waste of time that could be better spent elsewhere. 3. You Weren’t Relevant
Hiring managers are busy people, which is why you should make sure your digital interview exemplifies why you’re prefect for a job. It should be clearly evident why you are qualified for the job – a hiring manager won’t spend a lot of time puzzling out whether or not you are – especially in an initial digital interview. 4. You Got Lost in the Abyss
Don’t just send your resume into the void and hope that it makes it through the applicant tracking system. Forge a personal connection with someone at the company, and network. Attend events, reach out through social media, or ask someone at the company if you can pick their brains– having an advocate on the inside can be a great way to help you get a job. If the client sends you a digital interview to complete this is an easy task to accomplish – you can tell your story through video to outshine other candidates. If not, however, building a personal connection another way is ideal. As frustrating as applying to jobs can be, putting in the time to pay attention to detail, filling out the application fully, applying for the right positions, and building connections within companies will dramatically increase your chances of landing the digital interview, and ultimately the job.