IS JOB HOPPING A STRENGTH? Many modern workers, especially in the younger generations, have departed from the traditional career model of finding a company and staying there for multiple years and even decades. The reality of today’s working world is that job-hopping has become quite common, which can still be difficult to explain to interviewers. However, it’s important to note that if you have a wandering career path, you’re not necessarily at a disadvantage: you can turn your wide swath of experience into an asset in interviews. Do your homework before every interview and prepare to explain how your accumulated experiences from each of your previous jobs have led you to be the person you are today– and how those jobs have cultivated the perfect skills and experiences for the position you’re applying for. In fact, if you’re a job hopper in an interview, it’s recommended that you talk about your job hopping as though it’s an adventure that you’re coming out the other side of. Highlight a common thread amongst your past jobs, one that ties to the position you’re interviewing for and increases your value as an employee. After all, consider: your varied background is proof that you can deal well with uncertainty and come out better for having experienced it. It’s proof that you can dive in to new things and get your bearings quickly, and quickly onboard, turn around, change tracks– your job hopping highlights your flexibility and adaptability. Don’t be afraid to say so. Presenting a long background full of short positions can be tricky, but it’s important to take pride in your experiences—they’ve all been valuable, and it’s your job to make the interviewer recognize that. And most important of all, you should explain how the company you’re interviewing with is the exception to your job-hopping habits, and explain how excited you are to join them—and stick around for a while.