IS YOUR COMPANY READY FOR GEN ZMany companies worry about providing the best possible experience for their Gen X and Gen Y employees. But soon, Gen Z will arrive— and as much as Gen X and Gen Y have changed the game for digital, Gen Z will change the rules entirely. Generation Z, loosely defined as the group of people born in 1995 and after, will begin entering the professional workplace within the next 3 years. They’re also the first generation to be born into a completely digital age— thus the nickname” digital natives.” Technology power users like Gen Z switch their attention often between tasks— according to an article from Business Standard. “Gen Z will expect [the opportunity to multitask constantly] at the workplace, and will be dead-bored if they don’t get it. And two, your approach will need a sea change if you want to attract their attention. So, use social media and start chatting with them when they are still in their colleges.” A good online interview software will help you connect with digital natives now, while they are still in college. Reports say that this generation has high expectations of themselves and of employers, so work now on your communication with them. When Gen Z individuals begin graduating in a few years, start reaching out to them through a digital interview platform. You’ll offer a branded experience all the way through, while showing that you’re technologically savvy enough to meet their unique needs.