{IT’S 12.12.12} 12 COOL THINGS OUR CUSTOMERS ARE DOING It’s 12:12pm on 12.12.12. here in San Francisco and we can’t help but think of 12 of the coolest things our customers are doing with HireVue that make us smile.  In no particular order here they are! 1. By implementing On Demand digital interviewing, a HireVue client saw a 30% improvement in quality of hire and improved recruiting/sourcing efficiencies to focus their time on the right candidates. 2. One cool client used HireVue for a specific social recruiting project to hire the “world’s coolest intern” and they found him shortly thereafter in Australia. 3. A global client cut their time to hire by 50% with HireVue while cutting recruiting costs by 66% for their global sourcing/recruiting functions. 4. A long-time HireVue client reduced Cost Per Hire by $1,500, and reduced Interview time by 90%, 5. Using HireVue a large Fortune 500 client was able to save millions of dollars over two years as well as valuable time for managers and their recruiters. 6. Until this client started using HireVue, the industry average cost of an in-house interview was $1200. After they started using HireVue, the cost went down to $100 per Digital Interview. 7. After using HireVue for a short 9 months, a large corporate client saw a 164% ROI after 9 months of using HireVue. 8. A happy HireVue client now saves an estimated 40 minutes for each candidate eliminated in the HireVue screening process. 9. Increasing efficiency, this client eliminated about 50 candidates per position using HireVue’s On-Demand software. 10. Implementing HireVue’s digital interviewing platform and throwing away paper resumes saved an exhausted client 17 interview hours per open position. 11. Targeting college graduates, one client blanketed campuses, allowing students to take digital interviews between classes and at job fairs. 12. One client has saved $5.3M to date, significantly impacting their carbon footprint and increasing their ROI across the company.