BORING BURDEN TO LABOR OF LOVE Generic job descriptions have boring titles and predictable lists of qualifications, responsibilities, and duties. This rarely works to attract top talent. You aren’t hiring a generic worker bee – you’re hiring one great individual, so you need to communicate in a way that makes him or her really want to be part of your team. Think of it this way: A great job posting is a personal letter to one person you want to join your team. The best approach is to say to that one person, “We don’t know you yet, but we know you will love this job.”
But how can you write a love letter about a job? It’s simple. Answer these four questions:

  1. What is the real business need the right person will solve?
  2. How will we quantitatively measure success so we can recognize a top performer?
  3. What are the common attributes of our top performers – hard skills, soft skills, what they do in their free time?
  4. Why would the right person want this job?

Answer those questions, and then it’s easy to create a job posting that will attract the ideal candidate. Chances are, if someone is already on a career path (for example, an accountant) then he or she is already very familiar with the duties of the job. But why should they care? Paint a picture for them emotionally, inspirationally, and functionally. Don’t sugarcoat things – be honest. For example, if your employees work long hours and weekends and love it because they thrive on intensity, enjoy working with a dedicated team, and want to make a lot of money, be upfront about it. When writing and distributing job postings, cast a net that is incredibly broad in terms of broadcasting the opportunity, and incredibly fine in terms of connecting on a professional and personal level with the perfect candidate. Remember, you don’t need dozens of respondents – you just need the right one.