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What's the personal branding tool that 59% of managers are most impressed by, and only 7% of candidates have? Hint: it starts with www.

Social media profiles and personal websites are important in the job search process - they can give hiring managers a glimpse into your personality, and allow you to communicate exactly what you want. Websites allow the creative freedom to express your personality in ways that are not possible through your resume. Everything from the bio paragraph you write to the design options you choose for your profiles and website say something about you, and gives recruiters more to evaluate in order to decide if they want to bring you in for an interview.

A website can be a great way to demonstrate your knowledge and skills related to your career, and like anything else you provide a company you’re applying to, it’s critical that a personal website be done well. Typos, errors, missing content, and lack of attention to detail can hurt your credibility. A personal website is an extension of your resume - so review it with the same level of scrutiny before submitting.

But what goes on a personal website? Here's what's most important:

● Your focus
● Contact information
● A professional headline
● A brief bio
● Your resume
● Professional summary/objective
● Samples of your work. Treat the personal website like a portfolio to showcase examples of your work
● Quantifiable results
● Links to professional associations you're a member of, or articles you wrote or that quote you
● Your blog thoughts
● Videos and other relevant multimedia, such as great power point presentations
● Testimonials

Think of your personal website as the centerpiece of your online presence. Putting a link to your website in your e-mail signature, on your resume and cover letter, and on social networking profiles such as LinkedIn is a great way to draw traffic - which, in turn, will increase your visibility to employers.

Having an informative, well designed website also sends a message that you take your career seriously—and employers will take not. In an age where an ever-increasing number of employers are researching job applicants online, owning your own website with your name in the domain makes you that much more visible.

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