LAWS, SAUSAGE AND TECHNICAL HIRINGAs of August 2012, Facebook has 3,539 team members inside their organization. The growth and increased hiring in and around Silicon Valley has led to much conversation about the trials, tribulations and war for technical talent. What is less discussed are the trials and tribulations of global enterprise organizations who essentially hire a Facebook team per month (42,000 annually) or week (184,000 hires annually). How does technical hiring, skills validation and candidate authentication work at scale in large global organizations? Frankly, it doesn’t.  At least not how it should work. That is precisely what we are tackling here at HireVue with our acquisition of CodeEval. Here’s how we see the world and what we are thinking: 1. Software engineers, developers and programmers are incredibly unique individuals. In a given candidate pool you can have a senior programmer with 20 years of experience and a computer science or information systems degree, who lists being a “Python” or “Java” programmer but in fact does not have competency or mastery of the language and could not be a successful contributor to your team. At the same time you can have a 17-year old who lives and breathes Python development and can run circles around any other member of the team. The younger, but more qualified candidate cannot even drive a car yet let alone have a college degree.  At HireVue we believe that software developers, engineers, and other types of programmers should be able to demonstrate their abilities and the ability to do work regardless of age, experience, degrees, or other typical “resume bullet points” 2. Technical hiring and getting engineers and technical hiring managers involved is very requisition-focused (i.e. Req ID AB1347). At HireVue we believe technical hiring should be talent supply focused in the global enterprise (i.e. Java Experts, Ruby on Rails programmers). 3. Technical hiring requires too much participation by your company’s most expensive resources – software engineers, developers and technical hiring managers to spend time screening for skills. At HireVue we believe that the most non-technical of non-technical users should be able to screen developers, software engineers and programmers in a way that stands up to the highest standards of any VP of Engineering in the world. Simple goals – simple beliefs. Game changing if we can pull it all off and I think we can. We are very excited about our new relationship with CodeEval. Over the next couple of months, expect to see some very exciting releases coming from HireVue and CodeEval that we believe will fundamentally change (and we know will improve) the way technical hiring is done globally.