For individuals looking for work, one great approach towards getting hired is to think like an employer. Not only will this help you become more knowledgeable as a candidate, but you’ll stand out to employers, too. The change in mindset is from passive to active: instead of passively interviewing for jobs, actively interview companies who will employ you.

But how can you accomplish this switch?

Employers are searching for a candidate whose skills match their needs, and whose personality matches their company culture. While interviewing, keep a similar mindset– think about what you want, need, and want to achieve professionally. What job or career will you enjoy? Finding a company that suits you will drastically improve your ability to advance your career by motivating you to excel at work. You can accomplish this by researching any companies interviewing you. What is the company’s mission and values? Who are their clients? What have they accomplished? Use social media to gain a sense of their company culture, and don’t just look at company pages– see what the company’s employees are promoting on LinkedIn, or if they are posting news related to work on Twitter. This will help you get a sense of what the company is like, even if you’re using a digital interview. Just as the company will ask you questions based on the research they’ve done on you, be prepared to do the same. A formula recommended by BusinessInsider suggests: • During the first interview, ask questions related to the position and company culture.
• During the second round of interviews, it’s important to ask questions that show how knowledgeable you are about the company’s success. Prepare by looking at press releases and news articles, and by searching Google News for mention of the company. This can give you a leg up on other candidates. Remember, while you’re searching, it may be tempting to apply to every open job. Instead, focus on applying to companies where you can see yourself developing your skills and building your career. Just as employers want quality candidates, focus on applying to quality companies. By being intentional about your job search and application process, you’ll stand out above the crowd, and maximize your chances of finding a job that’s a great fit for you.