Hiring an employee who is a team player is critical for business success. However, pinpointing that quality isn’t easy for hiring managers. The process relies less on evaluating technical skills and more on evaluating the cultural fit. There are five key areas that ensure a candidate will incorporate seamlessly into a business’s workforce.

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Communication Style

Workplace Communication

Hiring managers shouldn’t just evaluate what a candidate knows in their interview, they should also evaluate how the candidate communicates. Do this by having multiple employees interview the candidate and then soliciting feedback.

Businesses want candidates who are familiar with industry terms. Additionally, it’s important to learn whether candidates prefer face-to-face contact, email or phone communication. Some businesses conduct most of their business using instant messaging, which could be an issue for candidate’s who want more personal interactions

Fresh Perspectives

New Perspective

Most companies want a candidate with innovative ideas and skills. This fresh perspective can energize company spirit and spur new growth. However, it’s important that candidates have the right personality to present ideas in a non-threatening way. Evaluate whether a candidate comes across as inspiring or egotistical, which could do more harm than good.

A Good Fit


Determining a good fit is also about finding candidates that can easily transition into the workplace. Ideally, the candidate will require little training, be a self-starter and facilitate relationships with coworkers. This type of employee makes hiring easy for the company, and they are more likely to succeed in their jobs.

Culture Fit Over Skills

office culture

Some companies place so much value on cultural fit that they are willing to hire candidates who don’t have the technical skills. They believe that skills are teachable, whereas culture fit is harder to learn. They are willing to put money and time into training new employees who are otherwise an excellent fit for the organization.


Diverse team

Companies sometimes use open positions as a way to diversify their staff. This means carefully evaluating the performance, efficiency, skill set and personalities of the existing team members. Once managers know where the gaps are, they can look for candidates that fill them. This creates a seamless team that performs at a much higher level.

Another great way to predict how a candidate will fit into a specific company and team is through data driven analytics. Combine this with the checklist above and you are on your way to hiring top talent.    

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