Looking for Work According to a survey of more than 2,000 senior HR executives in 14 countries, employment prospects are looking great this year: employers around the globe are planning to spend and grow more than they have in years. Employers worldwide are optimistic about business growth and feel more money will be spent on talent development in 2013. For example, among U.S. executives, 52% said it will be a year of growth and recovery, especially when it comes to stepped-up investments in new talent initiatives. For many companies in many countries, investing in talent has become a top priority. Hiring executives in Brazil, China and India are even more hopeful than their U.S. counterparts– 68% percent in Brazil, 73% in China and 80% in India expect recovery. This growth is reflected in a number of ways. 40% of employers plan to hire temporary and contract workers this year– that’s up 4% from 36% from last year, according to CareerBuilder. And a big chunk of those employers plan to turn some of those temporary workers into full time, permanent employees. Where are these temporary positions? Areas that are currently growing to meet new and evolving market needs include: • Customer service representatives
• Human resources, training and labor relations specialists
• Team assemblers who assist in assembling products or parts of a product.
• Business operations specialists who analyze and re-engineer business processes to enhance product or service delivery.
• Maintenance and repair workers.
• Electricians.
• Nursing aides orderlies and attendants.
• Home health aides. And an interesting piece of news for applicants with marks on their record from their younger, more foolish years: 71% of surveyed employers stated that in only 5% of instances or less is a candidate with a criminal record not hired. Qualifications, references and interviewing skills are ultimately more important than an applicant’s criminal past. Additionally, 52% of employers actually would be more inclined to hire a candidate who disclosed a criminal conviction before they did a background check. This shows how much character matters — especially if you’ve got a criminal record. All in all, things are looking up for those looking for work – so look forward to completing more digital interviews in the coming months as you search for your dream job!