Maximize Your Chances of Getting Hired An issue a number of new grads have difficulty with is applying for jobs when they have such a lack of experience. However, everyone who has ever had a job began without experience – so instead of applying for jobs with improbable experience requirements, focus on maximizing your chances of getting hired with every company you apply to. 1. Apply for the right jobs
If you’re a new grad, applying to a job that requires five years’ experience is a path that leads to nowhere. If you submit a thousand applications for jobs you’re not qualified for, you’ll get a thousand rejections. Focus on applying for jobs that don’t require experience– and if they don’t pay well, create value for the company, then ask for more money. 2. Think small
Small businesses are often easier to get into than giant ones, generally offer broader responsibilities, and a small staff means fewer layers of management and more opportunity for advancement, or at least recognition. It’s easier to get a job at a small business, and likely better for your career if you’re just getting started. 3. Pick a growing industry
Finding work in a shrinking industry is much harder than finding a job in one that’s growing. The internet is a huge game changer— so look for something digital or related to the online world. 4. Learn to interview
There’s plenty of information out there on proper interviewing, and once you’ve learned the proper techniques, practice, practice, practice. Have a friend, family member, or classmate pose as an employer and go through the entire process until it’s second nature. Tape yourself doing it, then pick it apart and do it again. Chances are you will be asked at some stage to conduct a digital interview – if you aren’t comfortable in front of a camera this is a great way to prepare yourself. 5. Use your resources
You can get training and advice for every facet of employment, including job leads, at your state’s employment offices. Additionally, there are job sites specifically targeted toward recent grads, and most major cities have a number of networking groups and events to help build professional connections. 6. Think outside the box
Many people have used clever, imaginative and even bizarre ways to find work. (If you don’t believe it, do a search for “weird ways to find work.”) Will you always succeed? Nope. But you’ll succeed more often than you will by doing nothing. Get a step ahead by following these simple 6 steps and landing your first job out of college won’t seem so daunting!