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The Gig Economy - What is it?

Have you heard of the Gig Economy? Many of our customers started mentioning it earlier this year- what is it, how do you manage it, and how does it affect talent and team structures?

HireVue and Glassdoor are hosting a free virtual conference on November 8th which will feature talent experts sharing their expertise on navigating the Gig Economy and millennials in modern teams. Companies like Hilton, Vodafone and Children’s Mercy Hospital will share how they are disrupting status quo recruiting processes while providing incredible candidate experience and getting to the best talent faster.

Millennials are digital natives, that have changed they way we think about work-life balance and productivity. Check out sessions that explore Artificial Intelligence, the new era of communication, building teams in 5 days and why it matters, and how to stop screening out great talent - reversing the job search process.

5 Reasons to attend the Digital Talent Summit with HireVue and Glassdoor:

1. Win cash and prizes like your very own Cards Against HR game through our referral program when your friends and colleagues register

2. All registrants will receive a free ebook covering HR Tech 2106, the trends and takeaways, AND free access to all of the session recordings after the event. 

3. Meet HireVue’s new CEO, Kevin Parker during the opening session at 9:00AM Eastern.

4. Hear real examples and wins from Heads of Talent Acquisition at Hilton, Vodafone, Children’s Mercy Hospital, and PwC.

5. Top Analysts share their advice and perspectives on the shift from a full-time employment landscape to a project/entrepreneurial based employment market including Josh Bersin, Bill Kutik, Rayanne Thorn, Kyle Lagunas and more.

(Bonus #6: Get away from the constant noise of election day coverage and do something valuable with your time while we all await the results.)

We know it is a busy time of year, so we put together an entire digital conference with top speakers that you can work into your crazy schedules.

Check out the full agenda and REGISTER NOW.


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