Mobile Makes It Easier Job’s reports over the last several months have brought great news to the American workforce. The economy has added 175,000 jobs nearly every month since May, after the unemployment rate ticked up to 7.6 percent from 7.5 percent in April. If the rise in unemployment looks like a bad thing to you, think again: expert analyses state that it’s a sign that more people joined the labor force, as Americans who have been sitting on the sidelines feel that they finally have a shot at employment. Mobile technology capabilities have made it even easier for employers to get people to work – whatever position they are filling. Employers are reaching potential candidates whether at home, on the go, and across job boards and social networks. The jobs that have been created are a mix of blue and white-collar. A lot of jobs are being added in lower-paying sectors – restaurants and bars, for example, now make up about 7.6 percent of all payroll jobs. But professional and business services, particularly temporary help services, saw a big surge since May. Temp services have been growing steadily for the past six months, and have been deploying digital interviewing services at a higher rate than ever before to keep up with the demand. Currently about 2 percent of all American jobs were in the contingent staffing sector. Given the quiet pressure put on a number of businesses from the sequester, this is especially encouraging. Though difficult to measure, the layoffs and furloughs of public workers have affected local economies as some employees have less cash at hand for spending. However, the rising number of digital interviews taking place and subsequent employment numbers are a hopeful sign for many Americans who are ready to go back to work, and quickly. If you’re dusting off your old suit and getting ready for job interviews, make sure you check out a lot of our great interviewing tips and tricks in the blog. Learn how to successfully present yourself at interviews and make great first impressions – whether you’re meeting face to face or through a digital online job interview.