MOBILIZING EFFECTIVE TEAMSNo matter what your political affiliation, if you’ve ever conducted  an interview, you can appreciate what Mitt Romney and team will be facing in the months ahead while searching for a running mate. While Obama, Biden and team are ramping up campaign efforts for re-election in November 2012, Romney and his campaign team are searching for a running mate that they hope will help them cross the finish line to election. Assembling the right team in a short timeframe is never easy for anyone, including political candidates .  Choosing a Vice President right before crunch time is even more daunting. One advantage of digital interviewing is the ability to hire top candidates quickly, efficiently and cost effectively. Three typical phone interviews can easily eat up one hour or more of precious time.  Digital interviews, on the other hand, enable the reviewer to screen an average of 10 candidate interviews in the same timeframe. Going digital is how top companies are hiring the right talent to drive their success — an approach that would be beneficial to anyone hoping to build a winning team. As any politician knows — and in fact, many a manager in the non-political realm are aware — one hiring mistake can cost a campaign. Yes, Romney and team are under a lot of pressure to make the right choice — and make it fast. In fact, identifying the right talent for the campaign, local fundraising and even a running mate is critical for any political group seeking office for one of their own. Sure, they can use the same processes to identify talent that they always have. Yet, there are some powerful new advances made possible by digital interviewing, including the ability to use mobile devices to screen potential hires on the go! However, the greatest advantage of digital interviewing is that it enables efficient recruiting and quick decision-making when time and selection quality are critical.   For the political team, every minute spent on screening the wrong people for all positions is one diverted from critical campaigning and fundraising tasks. Those minutes can add up quickly — and they can make or break a campaign. Using digital interviewing technology to hire the best of the best cuts down the time traditionally spent on ramping up campaign staff by 75%, which means there’s more time to strategize, execute and win elections. Political teams can select field leadership quickly when they go digital, so they can assemble quickly in local markets. Plus, they can use digital interviews to build reusable talent pools, prescreened for future initiatives. As most would agree, best practices in selecting talent are critical for the success of any team — and that is true for groups campaigning in the major elections ahead. As Romney chooses his running mate, we at HireVue are curious about how that interview process is going. Are you? Put yourself in his shoes — or those of any political party trying to assemble the team for this election. What would you do? Using Romney’s upcoming VP selection as an example, if you were a Presidential candidate and had to ask each Vice President hopeful one question, what would it be?