MOM WAS RIGHT There’s a great deal of patience involved when trying to hire a new employee. Patience when going through the avalanche of resumes that were sent in on that single job posting. Patience when attempting to coordinate all parties involved in the interview process. Then, many times, we get to the interview and make snap decisions on whether the candidate is lacking confidence, assertiveness and adaptability. According to a survey by CareerBuilder, we usually feel confident that we can figure this out during the first 5 to 15 minutes of an interview. Should we slow down a bit and exercise some of that same patience we had during the initial phases of the hiring process? Rosemary Haefner, CareerBuilder Vice President of Human Resources, thinks so. Getting greater detail on the position to be filled can help determine the need for the “A” player or if a “B” player would suffice. Also, what if the position requires working alone most of the time? Perhaps great social skills wouldn’t be necessary — it could even be a poor fit for that position. When a candidate looks good on paper, but their performance in the interview is less than stellar, Haefner, recommends using a different approach. Getting the candidate engaged by discussing how she performs in different situations, or using assessment tests to get a closer look could pay off.  Another approach to getting the most from an interview is to use a digital interview platform.  Rather than having just a single encounter with the candidate — where a quick judgement is necessary — you can have a digital record. This can help hiring professionals get a better look at all candidates and find just the right fit.