For some time now, the recruiting industry has been talking about improving the candidate experience. Improving candidate experience seems to contribute to a company having a larger pool of highly qualified candidates. And hiring qualified employees always keeps managers satisfied. However, there still seems to be a disconnect between recruiter performance, manager satisfaction, and candidate experience.

The Right Incentives

Few companies today take the time to provide incentives to the one group of people who have the ability to make the most impact in the area of improving the candidate experience: recruiters.

For the most part, metrics for judging recruitment success continue to be limited to these two outdated principles:

  • The time it takes to hire someone
  • The cost involved in hiring and training a new employee.

Instead of relying on these primitive metrics, recruiters need access to real information to help them understand how their efforts enhance or hinder candidate experience. Having a proper feedback system lets recruiters better understand their impact to an organization.

This not only holds recruiters responsible for their job, but provides metrics so companies can reward their top performers. These rewards might take the form of monetary bonuses, extended company perks or even promotions based on better performance.

Recruiters who work toward these incentives are motivated to enhance candidate experience. It's a cyclical process that continually generates good results.

Better and Quicker Technology

Technology now provides substantial improvements for recruiting over traditional methods that bury recruiters in paperwork and red tape. Everything from online application submissions to digital interviewing allow candidates to enjoy a hassle-free approach to job-seeking. It has boosted overall candidate experience and earns companies high praise on satisfaction surveys.

Bringing your recruiters into the 21st century with new technology should be a priority to help them better do their jobs, and in turn bring higher quality candidates to the managers that need to hire.

Providing incentives to your recruiters can help create better collaboration in the hiring process between management and recruiters, while providing a better candidate experience.

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