post_253 At HireVue, we’re loving Top Recruiter… enough that we sponsored it in its second season. According to Top Recruiter executive producer Chris LaVoie, as of November 7, season 2 the show had over 1.9 million views. With that kind of popularity, it’s clear the show is doing something right. That’s why we’ve decided to take a little wisdom from LaVoie and cover his five ingredients of a top recruiter. 1. Honesty and integrity Candidates can smell a liar, and sleazy people tend to leave a fine coating of grease over everything they touch. Being an honest, ethical recruiter means that you do what’s right both by the companies and by candidates. No never calling people back, lying to candidates, or low-balling them on salary. Being open, genuine, and dedicated to doing right by the people and companies around you will go a long way towards building up a positive reputation, helping you find the right people for the right positions. 2. A positive outlook in general The power of belief is an incredible thing. Being consistently positive will inspire the people around you to likewise be optimistic; recruiters who always look on the bright side have a much easier time sourcing candidates, even when they encounter setbacks. 3. A high emotional IQ Recruiting is a people business. Knowing how to read people, interact with them, and understand their needs is key to being a successful recruiter. Recruiting isn’t always easy or pretty, but being able to feel out emotional situations and respond appropriately to individuals’ needs is key to being a great recruiter. 4. Excellent interpersonal and interpersonal skills Being able to meet people on their level and speak to them in ways they understand— regardless of whether that individual is a candidate or a company contact— is key to understanding the needs of employers and job seekers and making a match between those two. 5. Access to really good technologies, such as those provided by HireVue and other HR technology companies. Access to a great digital job interview software can make a recruiter’s job infinitely easier, and can amplify the recruiter’s effectiveness tenfold. While a great digital solution like HireVue doesn’t do the hard work of recruiting for those in the industry, it strips out much of the uncertainty— allowing recruiters to screen ten candidates in the time it takes to traditionally screen one, and also allowing recruiters to judge candidates with greater impartiality. We think that LaVoie’s list for qualities a perfect recruiter must have is a great one— but we’ve got one to add to the list, too. 6. Passion for people. At HireVue, passion for people drives everything we do, and we believe that shows. We know that the best recruiters are the ones who really care about their clients and their candidates, which is why we’ve worked hard to make our software so user-friendly. Simplifying the technical process of recruiting means that the recruiter can focus on what matters most: the relationships, the fit, and the people that matter most.