NEW LINKEDIN FEATURE HELPS FIND TALENTED STUDENTS Is your company hiring for entry level positions, but having difficulty doing so? Using giant job boards like Monster and Craigslist can cause big headaches for busy hiring managers wading through hundreds of resumes. Fortunately, LinkedIn has released a new Student Job Portal in their University section, which allows employers, students, and recent grads to better connect with each other. Back in August, LinkedIn launched a portal specifically designed to help companies find talented, professional young graduates. So far, it seems to be working well— and, when paired with a digital interview software, a great sourcing tool like LinkedIn Education can help your company find and retain great young talent. Here’s why LinkedIn’s new student feature is so great: The targeting is spot-on. With a little thought and some careful effort, businesses big and small can find exactly who they’re looking for on LinkedIn.
Ads have huge reach. One business owner reported that he received hundreds of great applications (cover letter included!) within a few days of posting the ad— where before he’d been sifting through thousands of bad-and-worse resumes.
It boosts your LinkedIn page. Posting job ads will drive even more traffic than ever to your company’s LinkedIn presence, which is always a win. Consider that many individuals who cultivate a great LinkedIn presence attend to be professional, career minded, and conscientious, and you’ve got a winning recipe. This goes double for students— and, with the digitally connected generation entering the working world in force, it’s smart to use online interview tools to show that you’ve got a smart, savvy company where the students can grow.