We are pleased to welcome a key figure in MLB’s transformation—Billy Beane. He brought to baseball a disruptive and positive change that has been copied the world over. He’ll share his history and insights on the main stage during HireVue’s first ever, digital recruiting conference in June at Digital Disruption. Uncertain if being a disruptor is for you? Worried that being a mover and shaker in the Talent industry will cause resistance and tension among your peers? Are you scared of the naysayers? Well, perhaps Billy Beane had similar thoughts during his career but he “hated losing even more than he ever wanted to win” and he did what no one thought possible. He changed the way general managers managed baseball by abandoning the idea that salaries win games (the ONLY current strategy at the time) and followed his gut to disrupt the status quo. So, who better to learn from than a true disruptor?  If you haven’t seen Moneyball or are unfamiliar with Billy Beane’s philosophy, here is a little background on his incredible journey. Billy Beane is considered one of the most progressive and talented baseball executives in the game today and has molded the Oakland Athletics into one of professional baseball’s most consistent winners since taking over as General Manager following the 1997 season. Beane shattered traditional MLB beliefs that big payrolls equated to wins by implementing a statistical methodology that led the Oakland A’s, one of the worst teams in baseball with one of the lowest payrolls, to six American League West Division Titles. That strategic methodology has come to be known as the “Moneyball” philosophy, named for the bestselling book and Oscar nominated film chronicling Beane’s journey from General Manager to hero to celebrated management genius. Most recently, Beane was named Major League Baseball’s Executive of the Year for the second time by Baseball America in 2013 (first earned in 2002). At Hirevue’s Digital Disruption conference Beane will share his Moneyball philosophy, which involves utilizing analytics to identify undervalued assets (or candidates) to create a competitive advantage over other companies. By striking parallels between baseball and business, Beane will walk through his step-by-step process of his disruptive path. Attendees will find inspiration and motivation to walk their own disruptive road and do what no one else thinks possible. Now who’s ready to join the ranks of the notable elite and become a disruptor and buck the trend?