ONE QUESTION TO ASK YOURSELF DURING HIRINGIs your organization hiring too many of the wrong types of personalities? Bellevue, WA company Limeade reframed their entire hiring and company philosophy with one effective rhetorical question— “Do we want him representing our company?” Understanding the kinds of people that succeed at your company allows hiring managers and recruiters to build a better company at every level of the organization. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you should be hiring a bunch of people with the exact same personalities, however. Henry Albrecht, CEO of Limeade, recently wrote in HR Morning that his company implemented what they called a “no jerks” policy: after some discussion, they determined they did not want individuals in their organization who would put their own personal interests before the team’s. By amending the company’s values to add “We’re a Team” and “Own It,” and by modifying their job postings to reflect those values, the company found themselves attracting ideal talent. Additionally, during the interview process, the hiring manager hands the interviewee a print off of the values and asks them to explain which of the company’s values is most important to them, and why, making it far easier to understand what makes individuals tick and see whether they will be a good fit for the team. So, what can your organization do to replicate this success in your digital interview process? Boiling what you’re looking for down to a single sentence is a great way to help your organization frame its hiring and staffing management decisions. Like the Limeade team, maybe you want someone who is first and foremost a team player. Maybe you want individuals who are work-hard, play-hard types, or who put customer experience above all else. Whatever you pick, make sure all of the hiring managers are on the same page, and use that guiding principle to help you decide: is this someone we want representing our company?