What is a MOOC? It is a “Massive, Open, Online Course”. While they have been around for some time, there has recently been a surge of interest in these college-level courses by both students and universities.

-Students use them to learn a specific subject without enrolling in college and all the trappings that go along with that medium. Not only is it a way for current university students to supplement their education, it helps older workers keep their skills fresh.

-Universities are looking at them as a way to get and keep students — possibly monetizing the classes — in an effort to stay relevant in the changing face of education.

So why is this important to a recruiter? Because MOOC providers are now offering programs where recruiters can access student resumes. Some of the largest companies have started tapping into this resources to get matched with a provider’s top students.

Recruiters will want to consider the the following before dismissing involvement with a MOOC provider. Students who complete a MOOC:

-are normally highly motivated to learn;

-have demonstrated their ability to stick to a task through completion;

-tend to have the same competency in the subject as a student completing the class at a brick and mortar school.

Some organizations have partnered with MOOC providers to create their own private classes. They use them to attract potential candidates and develop specific skills that fit their organization’s needs. In addition, they can use private classes to further educate existing employees, which helps retain some of their best performers.

If you’re already using a digital interview platform, you have already made the leap into the virtual recruiting environment. As an enterprising recruiter you’ll seriously want to consider using this new resource to help find the best talent for your company and clients.

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