POWERFUL (AND UNORTHODOX) INTERVIEW QUESTIONSAssessing a candidate for cultural fit can be difficult. While personality plays a big role in whether or not an individual works well with a team, building a successful group doesn’t just mean matching up personalities: priorities and driving passions need to be taken into account. So how can hiring managers drill down into what really matters to candidates in the least invasive way possible? Below are three questions to ask when assessing candidate values in your next digital interview. “What keeps you going through the day?”
This is a great question for learning what drives a candidate. It helps you understand what drives a candidate during the workday– and knowing what motivates people is key to managing them well. “What do you want others to remember you for?”
This can help you identify whether someone is a good fit for the job they are interviewing for. What is the essence of the job, and does it align with this person’s purpose? If you can pair someone’s deep passions with a position that will allow them to execute on that drive, it will not only increase the value of that position, but will maximize sticking power and reduce turnover. “At what time in your life were you so passionately focused on an activity that you lost all track of time?”
This is a great measure of passion. Everyone has something they’re deeply passionate about doing– from building quadcopters to diving into deep data analysis, there’s something near and dear to every person’s heart. Perhaps this person’s greatest passion isn’t directly tied to the position. However, knowing what a person is deeply passionate about will help you to extrapolate what his or her priorities, and can help you decide whether or not this individual is a good fit for the team. Remember, you don’t just want to hire the most qualified candidate for the position: you want to find someone who will fit culturally with your company, and with the team that he or she will be working with. By getting to know your candidates on a deeper level, you maximize your ability to build an effective team, and even better, you make lasting human connections with the people you meet.