PREPARING FOR YOUR DIGITAL INTERVIEW - 3 QUICK TIPS Most interviewees are under-prepared for interviews – and as a competing candidate, this can be a great thing for you. It’s harder than ever to land job interviews, which is why it’s so crucial to be prepared. And, as people switch jobs more and more, and as more and more interview rounds are required before hiring, make sure you’ve got a leg up on the competition by focusing on these three key areas of presenting yourself. Be friendly
Smile and be aware of your body language. If possible, try to mirror your interviewer’s body language. Be succinct
Try to respond to questions in a minute or under, if you can. Keep your answers crisp, and always glean as much information as you can before drawing conclusions. Be valuable
Focus your remarks on the business needs of the specific employer and exact role. And, if you can, encourage the interviewers to talk more than you do – this will keep you from rambling on, and will give you even more information about the company and the position. A little preparation can go a long way during your job search and interviewing process. Make sure you practice in front of a mirror, or record yourself on camera and critique your responses. That way, you’ll be able to prepare regardless of your interview setting. Whether it’s a face-to-face deal or a digital job interview, you’ll be ready, confident, and ready to score a home run.