PUTTING OUR NATION’S HEROES TO WORK Military veterans have dedicated their time – often putting their own lives at risk – to serve our nation. In return, the military provides a valuable training ground which makes it a wise career decision for many — if they know how to connect with the right employers when ending military service. Even for those used to the firing line, this can be a daunting task. At the same time, employers interested in hiring military veterans face various challenges. Traditional resumes often do not translate well to civilian roles, eliminating military candidates early. And, typical hiring processes don’t make it easy for military personnel to pursue positions when deployed or based in a geography that’s different than where they will live after their duty is over. Current statistics show us that the challenges are impacting the hiring of military veterans: “The unemployment rate of veterans who served after 9/11 is nearly 13%, well above the 8.2 % national rate, according to the Labor Department.”
[Source: The Boston Globe, 7/4/12, “Boston Chamber Set to Launch Veterans Job Initiative”] As a military candidate, you need to understand the issues and ensure your job search as well as your resume are designed to best serve your desires for your next career. Understanding the employer perspective will help! If you’re an employer wanting to boost your hiring of veterans to satisfy action plans – or you simply appreciate the benefits of this workforce – you need more than traditional recruiting methods to effectively tap valuable military talent. That’s where HireVue comes in! With digital interviews, candidates are able to answer questions designed to identify key skills and experience that is not always described on a resume. Military job titles and information like rank become less important, with responses about applicable experience, abilities and education being the measure of potential fit. Candidates can better represent their military specialties, competencies, behaviors and transferable skills sets – such as leadership, management, project management skills, technical skills and more – so that they do translate well to private sector jobs. And, all candidates for a position are asked the same questions in the same order, so military and civilian candidates have the same opportunity to shine! Plus, location no longer matters and travel is no longer necessary. Companies can conduct live interviews by video or use recorded interviews On Demand. Military candidates can interview from home, from the base and even on mobile devices! In fact, military placement assistance programs can even set up kiosks so that people transitioning out can complete digital interviews right from the base or program office! Going digital helps employers conduct interviews from remote with those who are… • Stationed at a U.S. base yet seeking work in a different city, which may or may not be home!
• Stationed overseas, on tour outside of the U.S.
• Military veterans who are anywhere! So, The Best Parts About Going Digital For Employers…. Translate Military Background to Civilian Jobs – Better, Earlier Insights There’s no more missing out on great talent because their military background doesn’t seem to fit job requirements! Using digital interviews, ask the right questions about technical and soft skills of all candidates so you find out what hiring managers what to know – and earlier in the process! Interview Military Candidates Anywhere, Anytime Reach military candidates wherever they are – whether they’re on a base in the U.S., on tour outside of the country, or already a retired military veteran in any geography! You can invite them to complete digital interviews On Demand at their convenience. You can even use HireVue for live video interviews to cut down on travel costs! Access to Highly Qualified Military Veterans Using HireVue! HireVue helps employers better understand and reach this highly qualified military talent pool – and hire them faster, before someone else does! In their ongoing quest to identify the right talent, many companies have learned that the military – both current veterans and those people soon to exit – provides a valuable source of quality candidates. A recent study by the Apollo Research Institute who surveyed 800 hiring managers from various industries, delivered the following statistics: • “81% of employers rated military employees as being stronger or much stronger [than civilian hires] in terms of demonstrating teamwork skills…”
• “77% said that military employees are more reliable and have a better work ethic.”
• “26% of employers said that military experience enhances teamwork, 16% said that military experience enhances results-orientation and execution, and 15% said that military experience enhances planning and organizing skills.” [ Source Article: “Military MBA Jobs” on topmbaconnect.com that is quoting Appollo Research study.See http://www.topmbaconnect.com/mba-tips/item/163-military-mba-jobs.html ] And, For The Military Candidate…. Take the time to research and understand what civilian positions you fit best based on your skills, competencies and experience. Make sure your traditional resume reflects those strengths as well as keywords and concepts that will relate your background to the civilian world of work. Include a skills summary section that outlines areas like leadership and project management that may not immediately stand out on your resume. You also may want to seek out employers that already understand and value military hires. These approaches will help you with employers that use traditional hiring processes. If you have the opportunity to do a digital interview, embrace it and have fun! It’s as easy as video chat with a friend. Practice answering typical questions and explaining your experience. Research the company and position, then take all the steps outlined above to ensure you are answering questions in a civilian context. For example, where possible, describe accomplishments and responsibilities without using military terminology. You’ll find that with digital interviews, your ability to present yourself gets a whole lot easier! You’ll be asked questions about what employers want to know and you can then answer accordingly in a way hiring teams will understand easily, even without military background. There’s no more shot in the dark with a resume, hoping you managed to hit on just the right things an employer wants to hear! With digital interviews, you’ll have the same opportunity to shine as civilian candidates! It’s time to really show all you have to offer AND take the next meaningful journey with your career!